The Butt family

Mum: Rebecca Hatherly Butt


with Brody Hatherly (born May 1, 2006) and Taryn Hatherly (born Dec 27, 2007)

and their Cat Mozart + 5 fish.


They are the cutest family I´ve ever seen and I´m so excited to spend a year with them! ♥

I´m gonna live in Denver, Colorado from November 19 and Iook forward to have a great year over there.

Brody has autism and is a very intelligent boy, Taryn is (as i can say by now) a typical girl and both seem to laugh a lot and love live.

Rebecca is a lovable person and you can laugh with her. I´ve got a feeling that we will get along very good.


So far, so good. I´m gonna attach some photos of them and I´m convinced you will like them just like I do! :)