Dear Host Family,


first of all I would like to thank you for giving me the chance to introduce myself. Ißm so excited and in this letter I want to ive you an impression about me.

I´m Anna-Lena Jung, 19 years old, and I live in Biberach an der Riß in the middle of Baden-Württemberg. Our town is called "the heart of Swabia"  and I live here with my mother Petra, called Pepper, and my sister Laura ( and of course our guineapig Charlie and my two mice Ben and Jerry). My parents are divorced, so my father lives in a town 30minutes away and my brother Sebastian, who is 25, lives in Biberach with his girlfriend.

Right now I have finished school with my highschool diploma and I´m looking forward to having a two-week-internship in a nursery school. After spending a year in America I think I want to become a primary school teacher, but I´m not sure yet. In my freetime I like to go outside, go biking, do walks or meet friends. And two or three times a week I go to the fitness studio. My one big passion is playing thatre and I love to travel, either with my family or with friends.


Now I want to tell you, why I want to work as an Au Pair.

I love to work with children, because they are very open-minded, lovely and they always say directly what they think and feel. I cared for variant types of children in two summer camps and I have been a group leader in the Landjugend That´s a Catcholic institution for teenagers. In the summer camps we had to handle daily things like cooking or going to bed. In the Landjugend we met to play games, do handicrafts, bake something or prepare a church service. We also went on a trip for a weekend. There you could see that some of the guys are not as tough as everyone thought. One day we went to a lake and they were boating pedalo; there you could see that they are not only that tough but that they are still children inside.


I like that children are interested in nearly everything and that they are able to build themselves their own world without any problems and where they can live like they want to. I like about them, that sometimes you can communicate with them without saying a word or speaking the same language.


The chance to combine a year in the USA, learning English and living with children is one of my big dreams. All in all I would describe myself as a self-confident person, who is looking forward to having a great time living with you. I would be pleased to hear from you!

Kind regards,